Ilse " What he means to me...The world " !!

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" Hi Christiane wanted to put a message for George on your blog for this Birthday....

I became a fan of George in 1984 during the song Careless Whisper.

I never forget when I saw for the first time a picture of him... From that moment on I fell in love with him and the music...

What he means to me ..... The world!!

Thank you so much George for brighten up my life with your fantastic music... I went to see him 6 times in concert and they were all amazing.

The most special one for me is the one he did in Amsterdam september 14th 2012. I was so close to him, it was so special.

George, I wish you a lovely birthday and a year of good health, happiness, joy, love.... Never forget that I love you very much!!. "




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