Cheryl " A Song Painter " !!

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tee- 1    Cheryl  from  USA


"  I have loved George's voice since I heard him with WHAM!... The songwritter, George Michael, I call a "Song Painter"... Close your eyes and you can see in your mind the story he is laying out before you. I've known only one other songwritter musician that could get to the heart of me and that was Mac Davis from the early 70's. I've yet to meet George and I've been hoping he will eventually come to America, Phoenix for sure. I would see him every night he was here if he did come here... His voice has soothed me during some really turbulent times... I have been able to close out the world and just listen to his golden angelic voice...

I also want to thank you my dear friend Christiane for your kindness toward me . I would find it absolutely wonderful to me one of theses days.

I think one of my favourite songs is on his Older CD. It's called " It Really Doesn't Matter". Also from Patience CD "My Mother had A Brother".... That song just tears me up. I knew several guys in the 60's my hight school were also gay. I dont think we ever thought about it that much, or at all. Patience was another song I do love. It is so hard to even choose just one because they all are so wonderful. All you have to do is close your eyes and you can see what he is talking about.




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<br /> MAGNIFIQUE!!!!!!!!!!Pour une première fois en live, c'est bien la preuve que George EST le meilleur, (mais ça on le savait déjà); il réussit à adoucir encore un peu plus la mélodie en la caressant avec SA voix douce et moi je vais avoir en<br /> tete "it doesn't really matter" pendant toute la journée; quel doux supplice!<br /> <br /> <br /> Christiane j'ai préparé un vidèo mais ça m'a déjà pris 1h pour le charger sur gmail drive, je ne sais pas si je réussirai à te l'envoyer; je le ferai ce soir, on verra<br /> bien... Bises  <br />
<br /> <br />  Coucou Laurence, et oui nous savons tous et toutes que GEORGE EST LE MEILLEUR  LE PLUS GRAND, LE PLUS TALENTUEUX, IL EST UNIQUE.... Sa voix en écoute toute la journée nous fait paraître la vie plus douce....Pour<br /> ta vidéo, tu n'as pas essayé sur youtube ? En tout cas tu as éveillé ma curiosité et j'ai hâte de la voir  j'espère que ça va marcher, je suis impatiente, bonne journée, bises....<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />