Christine " Amazing, Unique and Beautiful George Michael " !!

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DSCI0355.JPG  Christine  from  Deutschland

"  Amazing, Unique and Beautiful George Michael 

I Thank George soooo much for two unforgettable "Symphonica tour Concerts " 2011 in Berlin and 2012 in Vienna !!!

For the first time I was very close to George and I could experience his wonderful song "Live". His fantastice yoice as "VELVET and SILK"!!!

I enjoyed it, I was Thrilled and I was Floating on Cloud Seven !!!!! #SmileSmileSmile.

A great dream came true for me !! "George Michael for me the best Singer in the world"....

His music has been with me for many years. When I hear it, it makes me happy and I try to always think positive.... and I would still enjoy George music for many years !!!

!!!! Heaven can wait a very long time to "OUR" George !!!!

!!!! The angels will watch over HIM and protect HIM !!!!

I wish George with all my Heart a lot of HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH, Happiness and Love in the coming years !!!!


I love him so much and he has Always and for all Eternity a Place in my Heart !!!..." 

In Love Christine.

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