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Check this video out -- Wham - Where Did Your Heart Go (TOTP)via 
Morning all.... just spotted this on you tube. You see, Faithlook is half way there....which rather makes me think that Russell Watson...
the AMAZING photographer who took probably my best shots ever, may be taking a little too much credit for my ensemble. I thought so. Heheheh
And yes folks, it was me who gayed the whole thing up with the double string of pearls. The fairy biker is born.
Oh shit yes, Russell YOUNG, sorry!
Russell Watson was the rather average photographer of rather genius photographer ERIC watson. The young Watson once told me.....
After i had complained that i didnt look good in one of his polaroids.."listen, I don't want to be nasty or anything.....'
(imagine geordie accent)..."But yer eyes are really close to your nose..'
So I said 'Listen, I'm not Robert Redford but I'm not Quasimodo either, fucking do it again.'
" Cochez cette vidéo - Wham! 'Where Did Your Heart Go (TOTP)'....Simplement repéré sur youtube.....Vous voyez le look de Faith est à mi chemin.........."

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