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George Michael  
hey boyz and gelz, hope all of u in europe are wrapped up warm! Just saw the Madonna video, she looks great. as for the song, err....don't really think I should comment. Heheheh .... Still, us gayboyz will probably fall for it again.We never learn :) According to her brother,she's not very fond of having us around anymore Hopefully that's bullshit, family feud kinda thing (he's gay). And I just checked the album track listing, and it's soooooo directed at Boyztown. And by the sounds of it she's turned over a new leaf! She's into gang banging, MDMA (supergay drug), etc. Who'd have guessed? My goodness, where does she find the time?

George Michael  
Oh and by the way everyone, if u are wondering why Fadi is the one sending you the pics lately, it's cos ... I jumped in the decking pool with my iPhone in my shorts pocket yesterday. AAArghh!

Adam Lilley
 Those were the Guy Ritchie years. Thankfully she dumped that homophobic faux geezer boy.

George Michael  
That could very well be true. I met Guy Ritchie just the one time and he blanked me like a schoolgirl :) GEORGE MICHÆL - Every Other Lover [Kinky Roland Remix] NEW 2011:  via  Now THATS what I call gay madge! :) only hit the gay clubs so far.....the first george michael song to feature words that rhyme with clock!  or , :) If the lyric sounds its pro drug, listen again, it was originally going to be the answer song to true faith. It's the drug of choice trying trying to convince the addict to keep on keeping on, as it were. In other words, you'll have to listen a bit harder than usual to a GM choon
George : " Hé garçons et filles, j'espère que tous en Europe vous êtes chaudement enveloppés.....Je viens de voir la vidéo de Madonna......Nous les gayboyz vont probablement tomber encore pour elle.....Selon son frère elle n'est pas très friande de nous avoir autour.....Espérons que c'est des conneries, un peu querelle de famille (il est gay).....Chacun se demande pourquoi Fadi est celui qui vous envoie les dernières photos.....J'ai sauté dans la piscine de la terrasse avec mon  iphone qui était dans la poche de mon short hier..."

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<br /> Et bien George aime papoter avec ses fans, il pense à nous .George serait-il étourdit ? oublier son iphone dans sa poche, oh , oh, .....<br />
<br /> <br /> Oui, oui, il partage avec ses fans, il nous raconte même ses bêtises, il va falloir acheter un autre iphone, et ne plus le mettre à l'eau, lol, lol, je crois que Fadi le perturbe, mdr....<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Tres en forme notre George , ils sont superbes <br />
<br /> <br /> Et oui Anita, l'amour sans doute, lol, lol .....<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />